6 Android & iOS apps that will improve your Instagram experience and let you get the most of it

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Check out this selection of six application that will make your life on Instagram bigger and better. These tools will help you with tagging, arranging, scheduling, and getting in touch with fellow Instagram users, not to mention bringing a cool new twist to the familiar experience of using the Facebook-owned service. Have fun!

1. Instag and Instatag

Download: Instag | Instatag ($0.99)

Instag (left) and Instatag (right) are two different apps that do the same thing on Android and iOS, respectively. They will help you find relevant, popularity-inducing hashtags to sprinkle all over your Instagram photos. With the right tags in place, other Instagrammers will be more likely to discover your images, share them and get in touch. When you have your desired hash tags all lined up in either of the two apps, simply copy them, launch Instagram, and paste them wherever you need them. Good stuff!

2. Layout from Instagram

Download: Android | iOS

If you love turning your photos into collages, Instagram has an official app for that. It's called Layout and it lets you arrange photos in attractive layouts before sharing them on the social network. You can choose snapshots from your gallery or snap an immediate pic and use that. It doesn't matter, you can instantly use them in a collage. It's simple, just pick one of the pre-made layouts that you like best, edit it and fill it with photos of your own. Editing is flexible and intuitive - mirror, flip or replace images by tapping, hold and drag to swap them, pinch to zoom in and out, pull handles for resizing. Instagram has made sure that creating photo collages will be a fun and creative activity.

3. Later - Schedule for Instagram

Download: Android | iOS

If you want an easy way to schedule Instagram posts for automatic publishing, look no further than Later. The app is a simple, but clever tool to plan, line-up and preview new posts before publishing. It works both on mobile platforms and as a web app. Indeed, you can upload photos right from your computer or mobile device, depending on what you need to do. And in addition to scheduling stuff, Later lets you handle multiple Instagram accounts and allows for multiple users to collaborate on managing profiles in the social network. You can also use the app to keep in touch with your fans, reposting their content and spreading the word about their profiles.

4. Grab 

Download: Android | iOS

Tired of the same old Instagram app you've been using over the past few years? You can stick to it if you want, but you can also try 'Grab for Instagram' – a companion app which improves upon Instagram's traditional functionality and freshens up the familiar experience. With Grab, you can skip to any part of a video post, search among multiple hashtags and users, browse posts in different view modes (full screen, thumbnails, feed slides, slideshows), and share other people’s posts with friends on other social and messaging platforms (like Tumblr, Whatsapp, Snapchat, LINE, and Wechat). You can also manage multiple Instagram accounts, put favorite users in your bookmarks without 'following' them, download several photos and videos at the same time, browse 'nearby photos' from users near your location, and do even more stuff. Grab is a rad third-party Instagram client for sure!

5. InstaMessage

Download: Android | iOS

InstaMessage is a chat client for Instagrammers. Rather than talking via public comments, you can call up nearby users or anyone you follow on Instagram for a private conversation. In addition to chatting, the app lets you browse profiles and engage in conversation immediately, discover popular users through InstaMessage's smart recommendation engine, or

place somebody you don't want to hear from inside the Block List. InstaMessage connects directly to your Instagram account, so there's no further registration required.

6. InstaRepost

Download: Android | iOS

Want reposting done easy? Here's InstaRepost, the original and definitely the oldest app for Instagram reposting that's still around. With it, all those fantastic photos and videos you stumble upon on a daily basis will be yours to grab and repost, filling your Insta feed with things you like. In addition to improving your convenience, InstaRepost is resonably safe as well. The app won't store your login credentials or post anything to other social networks. It uses the same security protocol Instagram does, which should give you some peace of mind. And not only you can repost content, but you can also share it via external apps to friends that don't have an Instagram.

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