Battleheart Is A Simple And Addictive Fantasy RPG Game

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Role-playing titles have become quite popular on Android over the last couple of years. This genre has been popular on PCs and gaming consoles for quite some time now, and there are tons of quality role-playing games available on Android as well.

We talk about suchgames quite often, and those of you who like RPG titles might enjoy the game we’ll talk about today, yet another really compelling role-playing title we’ve managed to stumble upon recently, read on.
The game in question is called ‘Battleheart’, and if you’re into simpler RPG titles, you might like this game. This game has been available on Android for quite some time now, but it has been rebuilt for Android 5+ not that long ago. 

Now, as part of ‘Battleheart’, you’ll be able to create your own party of heroes which will then fight in epic battles as part of the story mode in this game. There are a number of special moves included here, which mostly rely on magic, and as is the case in similar RPG titles, you can evolve your character(s) and equip them with different items.

The controls in Battleheart are really simple, in order to move all you have to do is move your finger from the character you want to move to the place you want to move it to. If you want to attack someone / something, you’ll have to do that very exact same thing, but you need to aim the person / thing you’d like to attack, of course. There are over 100 items for you to collect in this game, and 30+ levels in Battleheart for you to enjoy, not to mention boss battles.

There are also special modes in this game, like the survival mode which tests your skills in survival arenas, where you can win interesting rewards. The graphics in this game are not groundbreaking, but it’s quite nice and fits well with this game, not to mention that it keeps it running smoothly.

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