Sony Finally Rolls Out PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.00

Sony Finally Rolls Out PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.00

The new release includes several changes and improvements

Just now, Sony has made available its new 4.00 system software update developed for the PlayStation 4 gaming console, which redesigns and improves usability for What’s New, Content Info, Share Menu, Library, and Player Profiles system screens.

In addition to that, this new update allows users to choose a cover image for their profile, create folders to arrange their games and apps, view trophies offline and details of hidden trophies, and hide all activities and trophies on a per-game basis.

Moreover, owners of this console will also be able to transfer all their games, saved data, captures and settings from one PS4 to another, as well as share screenshots and video directly to the Community wall from the Share menu and reply and Like posts on the wall.

Besides these changes, Sony increases the current message limit on the Message server, gives users permission to see old messages in a Group, and grants owners access to features related with current running/game application without leaving it, as well as customizing the menu.

In terms of installation, Sony has provided two downloadable packages: an upgrade file (approx. 300MB) that keeps your settings and other things, and a re-installation option (approximately 850MB) that erases all information and applies a fresh 4.00 system software.

With this in mind, download Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.00, familiarize yourself with the installation steps, apply the update, and enjoy these new changes. Also, check back with us as often as possible to stay up to speed with the latest releases.


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